Capel C.S awarded Principal Contractor (PC) Licence Management Systems Accepted (MSA) Status by Network Rail


London, 10th April, 2024- Capel C.S Ltd, a leading name in the construction industry, has been awarded the status of a Principal Contractor (PC) Licence Management Systems Accepted (MSA) by Network Rail (NWR). Since 1993, the construction contractors have specialised in the planning, design, refurbishment, and general construction and maintenance of public use building structures and public facilities throughout London and the UK.

In the last decade, Capel C.S began to mark their stamp in the railway industry, working with various UK-leading TOCs (Train-Operating-Company) on several projects across the nation’s rail network, including station refurbishments alongside client Greater Anglia, building refurbishments for MTR Elizabeth line before its opening in 2022 and many more.

Management Systems Acceptance and Provisional Licence

On March 13th 2024, Capel received official MSA status, confirming the ability to meet the requirements for certification to trackside Management Systems Accepted status by Network Rail, a significant step to becoming an official Principal Contractor Licence (PCL) holder.

To achieve this, the construction contractors underwent a series of pre-qualification audits by NWR that looked closely at their core competencies and schemes, assessing compliance with the company’s management systems.

The audit observations included (but were not limited to) Capel’s maintenance of all relevant RISQS qualifications and Sentinel Scheme Rules, Capel’s safe system of work planning and emergency plans, competence in planning and management of construction and temporary works including specialist advice, Capel’s staff training and safety culture development, quality management, environmental practice and sustainability management, social management, employee health safety & wellbeing and more.

Paul Coomber - Managing Director, Capel C.S.

“We are delighted to hold the PC Licence MSA Status with Network Rail and celebrate this achievement as we look forward to obtaining a provisional Principal Contractor Licence in the nearer future,” says Paul Coomber, managing director, Capel C.S. 


Network Rail Principal Contractors are contractors appointed by the client to coordinate the construction phase of a project where it involves more than one contractor, and must hold a Principal Contractor Certificate (PCC) or Principal Contractor Licence (PCL) issued by Network Rail to discharge these duties on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure.

Good Practice

Capel C.S is delighted to announce this news and recognition by Network Rail which demonstrates their approval of Capel’s alignment with NWR’s PCL scheme requirements. A significant observation of “good practice” was also highlighted and recognised by the auditor during the process of obtaining the PC Licence MSA.

During the process, Capel C.S declared to regularly update the company’s systems based on NWR’s feedback and own lessons learned, as they continue to solidify their position as high-performing contractors in line with industry’s best practice.

Capel’s annual declaration to NWR holding the PC MSA status also marks their commitment to maintaining the declared organisation and arrangements for safety management, compliance with UK Legislation and relevant Railway Group and Network Rail standards, maintenance of satisfactory performance levels and co-operating with Network Rail on several levels.

As Capel now begins actively tendering for bids for direct NWR contracts that require a PCL, we thank NWR for their time and recognition on this achievement, and we celebrate this significant milestone as we look forward to obtaining a provisional Principal Contractor Licence with NWR in the nearer future.


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