This week is #RailSafetyWeek!

A week dedicated to raise awareness around Railway Health and Safety for all, including daily commuters,
workers, tourists and more.

The yearly event aims to promote rail safety to help prevent accidents, injuries and
fatalities in and around the rail infrastructure.

The UK’s railway network is already one of the best and safest in the world, offering high quality facilities and committed to the health and safety of all. There are over 28 major train operators and more than 24.000 trains run daily in the UK, being the biggest mode of transport used in the nation.

There’s also the ORR (Office of
Rail and Road), who protect rail
and road users in the UK with a
range of monitoring and
regulatory programmes for the
entire mainline rail network in
Britain, including London
Underground, light rail, trams
and more.

Earlier this year, the ORR announced their annual statistics showing a decrease of 33.5% in accidents, fatalities and injuries

to passengers and workers in
2020-21 in comparison to the
previous year.

At Capel, we have always
prioritised the Health & Safety
of our workers throughout our
projects as well as the public
where they may be affected
during any of our construction

During some of our rail stations refurbishment projects, we ensure facilities and step-free entrances remain accessible, as well as ensure passengers and commuters are alert of any construction works going.

Through-out some of our refurb projects we have also modernised electrical systems
in stations,
implementing new
CCTV systems for added
upgrading lighting
systems such as LED lighting
and emergency lighting. We
also ensure all facilities including waiting rooms, WCs and staff rooms are designed for maximum comfort, quality and durability.

We believe in the importance of providing high quality facilities for all commuters and travellers to encourage the use of public transport.

By actively encouraging more use of rail, we can help people make more environmentally-conscious choices in their daily lives.

When it comes to working with our employees, we carry industryrelated accreditations, such as our RISQS certification which ensures we meet specific standards that allow us to work within Railway. We also follow a daily routine of various on-site H&S protocols and audits that get reviewed monthly.

Primarily, we are advocates of
encouraging health & safety for everyone within Rail, and do all our work with our employees and the public at the core of our values.

Capel C.S are honoured to be
working with the UK’s leading
TOCs, being a part of iconic projects in the last few years including the Elizabeth line, Grade II Heritage building refurbishments with Greater Anglia, and we look forward
to continuing our contributions to our nation’s rail network.

Let’s keep alert, attentive and safe together. Enjoy the ride!

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